sunday stealing

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Sunday Stealing: The Current Obsessions Meme

Instructions: Answer the Current Obsession category and then explain WHY you chose that response. Easy enough?

Book: The Angel's Game is the book I'm reading right now

Snack: right now, it's cookies

Restaurant: Cafe Sorpresso, it's where I've gone lately and had enjoyable meals

Beverage: Polar brand diet orange dry

Decor: I have no idea

Actor: George Clooney

Actress: Meryl Streep

Movie: Julie & Julia is top on my queue

TV show: American Idol starts Tuesday!!!

Hobby: blogging, I guess

Band: lately, the Black Eyed Peas

Song: Boom-Boom-Pow

Meme: this one, of course!

Blog: Huffington Post

Lover: George, in my dreams

Friend: Alana, she amuses me to no end

Quote: Be The Change You Want To See

Peeve: snarly students

Sport: uhm... nothing

Singer: Lady Gaga


Sonny said...

cookies! I love cookies!

I like your answers.

Hope you have a nice day.
With luv,

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Anonymous said...

Meryl Streep! I should have put her!

Lady Gaga is awesome.

Have a great week!!

annies home said...

love your qoute

I am Harriet said...

I can't believe that I still have not seen Julie and Julia.

Have a great day!

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Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I can't wait for Idol too! Happy Sunday...

Unknown said...

Love this! So naturally, I swiped it. I really should see Julie and Julia.