i say... and you think...?

  1. Interview :: new job
  2. Army :: navy, air force, marines
  3. Unwrap :: presents!
  4. Evolve :: gradual
  5. Bus :: loser cruiser (that's what students call it)
  6. The real thing :: genuine
  7. Streak :: oh, yes, they call him the...
  8. Gorge :: over-indulge
  9. Spicy :: flavorful
  10. Course :: journey

# 254


Unknown said...

Good answers. Very unique!

Unknown said...

That's a nice list.

You're welcome to read mine here at
Laane on the World

Zoooma said...

Loser cruiser? Hmmm... I guess in high school those seniors and some juniors who didn't drive themselves or get a ride, they were losers... but that's mean to say! (Thankfully I wasn't one of 'em!)

Le Butterfly said...

I don't get the Streak one - insider one.

Have a great week.