tuesday twosome

1. Be the person next door or the fantasy person that appears unattainable? (explain) definitely be the person next door--I have awesome neighbors!!

2. Lie to maintain a “goody-goody” rep or not care what people thought about you? (explain) I'm a bit of a not care and I do probably have a "goody-goody" rep. That's fine by me!

3. Go back in time to undo your mistakes or deal with the mistakes and learn from it? (explain) I don't really know which mistakes I would go back and undo... so I would learn from it.

4. Be friends with people that make you look good or people that make you appear to have an edge? (explain) be friends with people who make me feel good about myself--edgy or not

5. Stay friends with a person that betrays you or break it off and not give her/him another chance? (explain) this one is tough--I would probably stay friends but not be as intimately friends.

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