five questions--Mrs. Chili-style!!

On her blog, Mrs. Chili answered five questions from a regular reader of her blog and I intimated that I would get a kick out of answering questions she would ask me. Lo and behold... the Mrs. Chili Five:

If you were asked to evacuate your house on a moment's notice, what three things would you bring with you and why (assume that all living things are safely removed; only work with inanimate things). I have my important document papers gathered together, so I would grab those; as many clothes/accessories/jewelry as possible; and medicines. I'd pick up the items that I would need immediately and just about anything else can be replaced.

If you were ever to actually MEET George Clooney, what do you think you'd say to him? I would talk to him about politics, life in Italy, growing up in the spotlight, with a well-known Dad, uhmmm... his pot-bellied pigs... and... I would try not to be tongue-tied. It would be fun to get him story-telling about his exploits, that's for sure.

If you could eliminate one household chore from your responsibility, knowing that it would mean your having to do another twice as often (for example, you'd never have to wash windows again, but you'd have to double-dust) what would you choose to nix and what would you choose to double up on? I love doing laundry, so I would give up every other chore and do laundry. As much laundry as I had to do to avoid just about anything else.

• What are your two greatest qualities or virtues? How do you manifest your best self? I'm not so sure how to articulate this--but I do have a gift when working with youth. Not only do I have a good bull-shit-omoter and can cut to the chase with them... The second? Probably my desire for equality: I try to treat everyone the same. These two manifest into my best self when I'm working with teenagers and children in (or out of) the classroom. My students respect my fairness.

What do you love most about where you live? What would you change about it (or, alternately, where would you choose to live if you couldn't live where you do?)
What I love most is that it is home. Not often will I go someplace that I am not greeted or that someone doesn't kindly ask after my dad and family. It is a pleasure to feel so connected to the community. It feels like home. What I would change is the proximity to an urban area--there is such a lack of arts, shopping and cultural endeavors. gah!

That was interesting, Mrs. Chili! Thank you!

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Mrs. Chili said...

You are very welcome! It was truly my pleasure!