Are you an adult? 'Spose so
How old are you? 42
How old do you feel? 30
Do you consider your self a grown-up? sure
Do kids call you mr/miss/mrs? Ms or Mrs
Did you graduate high school? sure did!
Did you go to college? you betcha!
If so, what is/was your major? American Studies/Education
Did your parents go to college? my dad did
Have you been back to your high school since you graduated? oh yeah, I used to teach there
Do you still keep in touch with school friends? some of them, yes
Have you been to a school reunion? yes!!!!
Do you plan to attend a school reunion? oh yeah, they're great fun
Are you single/dating/married/divorced? single, not desperate
Do you have children? nope
If so, names and ages? nope
Where do you work? at CHS
Are you happy with the carreer field you have choosen? not so much
Are you satisfied with your income? sure
Do you hang out with your co-workers? very often
How many hours do you work per week? probably 65
Do you rent or own a home? rent
Is your home big enough? oh yeah
Do you throw parties often? no, never
Do you want to move? no, never!!
What do you do for fun? this!
Favorite TV shows? Oprah, American Idol, Boston Legal
Do you have a TVO/DVR box to record shows? no, still have a VCR
What size is your biggest TV? 27 inches
How much do you spend on groceries weekly or monthly? probably $50/week
Do you have pets? a brand new fishy!!
What vehicle do you drive? a 2007 Taurus
What do you like or dislike about your vehicle? the car payment!!

If you could back in time, what advice would you give yourself at age:

age 5: hug everyone much more
age 16: don't be such a hater
age 18: oh, behave
age 21: party like a rock star
age 25: koko
age 29: maintain the weight loss

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