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On October 15th - Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone's mind.

In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment.

And what do I want to say? My biggest complaint about President Bush has always been his environmental policies. His background in business seems to narrow his vision to the dollars and cents, instead of the natural world around. His record on the environment is shitty and nine Northeastern states are suing him for his stance on emissions regulation. He has reversed several major pieces of legislation which were enacted to protect the air.

I remember reading Earth in the Balance by Al Gore just after I finished college. I remember the impact that it had on the kind of footstep I wanted to leave on this planet. Maybe it's because I live in a region with more pine trees and moose than people.

Here in Northern Maine I feel closely connected to Nature and I always have. To experience the four seasons (which are winter, winter, autumn and mud seasons) the way I do, watching the light play on the fields and the leaves, the grasses and the crops, makes me appreciative. There is nothing like a ride through the countryside, through the trees and looking at the fields, watching the sky during the day, during the night. Watching the clouds and sun chase each other around the sky.

The environment is our biggest luxury. Treating it as anything less is a shame.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

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