Birthday Survey

How many birthdays have you celebrated so far? 41
When is your next one coming up? tomorrow
If you could get anything, realisticly speaking, what would you ask for? chocolate cake
If you could ask for something magic or like superpowers, which kind? superpowers... power to heal
Who do you want to be with during your birthdays? my friends and family
How do you plan to celebrate your upcoming birthday? I don't
What was the worst present you ever got on a birthday? clothing that didn't fit
What was the worst birthday fiasco you ever had? oh, probably the year after mum died
Did you ever purposely give someone a crappy gift? no
Who would you never ever ever want to attend your birthday? uh... him
What was the best birthday present youve ever recieved? the celebration for my 40th
What was the best birthday youve ever had? 40th
Why was it so great? my friends had a week long celebration
What is your fave birthday activity, even if you havent done it (yet)? dancing and laughing
Who would you love to come to your birthday to celebrate with you? my sisters and their kids
What did your family do to celebrate your birth? my sisters made welcome signs for me
What did, will happen for your sweet 16th birthday? a surprise party that wasn't a surprise, before a school dance
What did, will happen for your 21st birthday? I'm quite sure it involved alcohol
Would you be okay with dying on your birthday? meh... gotta go sometime
Pick someone you really really love: Dad
What would you get them for their birthday if you could give them anything? something wonderful
Pick someone you really really hate: no one
What would you do to spoil their birthday plans if you could? nothing, it's not worth it

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