saturday special

~Online Preferences~

1. Favorite Computer Cruising Time?:
2. Favorite Time To Write Your Blog Entry?:
3. Favorite Internet Service Provider?:
4. Favorite Email Service?:

1. on the weekends, I like getting up in the morning and spending time online--catching up on news and emails, videos and random things. During the school week, usually the evening is when I have time to noodle around online.

2. love meme-ing in the morning, but... life interferes. Journal-blogging is probably early evening, when I'm processing how the day went and starting to organize the next day and such.

3. life at the end of the earth (aka, here in Northern Maine) dictates this answer. there are very few coices.

4. AOL email or gmail. I have accounts with both.

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Anonymous said...

Morning :)

Enjoyed reading your answers to the Saturday Special. I too have a gmail account among others but basically use my website provider's email account. Have a wonderful week ahead.