i say... and you think...?

  1. Singles :: slices of cheese (where did that come from?)
  2. Blaze :: flash fire
  3. Sandwich :: really good bread
  4. Outside :: sunny
  5. Gooey :: ooey
  6. Industry :: Captain of
  7. Exclusive :: limited
  8. Warranty :: hoax
  9. Magical :: wonder
  10. Heels :: fabulous shoes

# 242


Zoooma said...

I think you thought of cheese with Singles because, unless I'm wrong, Kraft uses the word singles in their tv commercials and/or right on their packaging for that good yummy processed cheese product... which, weirdly, i think is GROSS... unless it's melted then it's okay. Weird, huh?!

See ya :)

BookGal said...

I got Kraft singles in mind as well and now I realize it's also from a BareNaked Ladies song called "If I Had A Million Dollars."

Anonymous said...

Oh VERY nice! I love that you came up with Singles: slices of cheese - and that you surprised yourself by doing so. That's one of the two reasons I keep doing these: because I'm frequently surprised (and even shocked) at my responses. The other reason is that I have discovered so many interesting people through this meme.

Anonymous said...

i am in agreement with gracie.

MommaBoo said...

I play this on Thursday and to be hoest, your answers sometimes influence my own! :D