i say... and you think...?

  1. Scrabble :: vocabulary
  2. NyQuil :: ewww
  3. Roadtrip :: sunny days
  4. Idiot :: dunce
  5. Bandages :: band-aids or ace*
  6. Series :: set
  7. Summer :: vacation
  8. Prompt :: hint
  9. September :: Indian Summer
  10. Chicken :: fettuccine alfredo w/broccoli

* I had a colleague who loved the smell of band-aids, he used to wear them all the time just so he could sniff them it was the weirdest thing...

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Mrs. Chili said...

1. Scrabble :: wanna play?

2. NyQuil :: the night-time sniffling, sneezing, aching, stuffy head, fever, drool on your pillow and dream endlessly of purple elephants medicine.

3. Roadtrip :: you drive, I'll navigate

4. Idiot :: me and math

5. Bandages :: do you REALLY need one?!

6. Series :: World

7. Summer :: watermelon

8. Prompt :: attention

9. September :: FOOTBALL, YOU BET!

10. Chicken :: Picatta. YUM!

Unknown said...

ooo....fettuccine alfredo with broccoli and chicken. Awesome! LOL about your colleague with the bandaids.

BookGal said...

My first graders lover to smell bandaids! Maybe it's like the glue or paste from my days.

Andi said...

It seems like everybody on the meme thinks that NyQuil has an icky taste.

Anonymous said...

We don't have NyQuil here in Singapore but had a taste of it while in the States and I definitely remember it tasted ewwww! :)

meowminx said...

I remember having to take Nyquil on the day of my high school chemistry final (yes, I had the flu). Don't know how I passed it! LOL

Mine's posted here.

Love your mutterings, esp the last one. Makes me want to cook some for dinner this week!

Anonymous said...

oh, you're last one is making me hungry!! good set. and the bandaid thing? much more ewww than NyQuil :P