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The Gal Herself has tagged me for the FIVE BEST NIGHTS, SO FAR Meme:

The rules, list the 5 best nights that you can recall and then tag four other people and see if the meme can continue.

First, the five nights, in the order I remembered them … probably not in the order they occurred:

1) Paris by moonlight--the evening began with my dad and I happening to be at the right place at the right time. We were visiting the Eiffel Tower in the early evening and we watched the City of Lights light up. Breathtaking, romantic, intense and I wished I was with someone other than Dad. ;-) After that, we had dinner in a small bistro and then we took a night tour of the Seine, all the bridges lit up and I got some amazing photos, especially of Notre Dame lit up by night.

2) Thanksgiving 1998--the first time I spent the holiday away from my family to spend with my extended family of friends. That whole day had been a ping-pong and pool tournament and we had feasted on surf & turf. Doing just what we wanted when we wanted as we wanted. I don't remember what movies we watched but it was two couples and it was so much fun. Very late in the afternoon my whole family came over, too, and we had a blast hanging out all together.

3) When I was a Senior in High School, some friends and I used to walk to the park at night and we would usually end up lying in the grass, watching the night sky (occasionally smoking cigarettes--sorry to disappoint but nothing harder than menthols). One night in particular we laughed so hard (who remembers what it was about) that my friend peed her pants. We were almost out of school, almost in the adult world and we laughed so hard we were howling. I don't remember what we laughed about but I will never forget the invincible feeling of that night. Any time I go to the park since then, there's a tug of recognition... and it's a great memory.

4) I remember a really amazing beach night in Aruba. We had gone on a sunset booze cruise and I imbibed a lot more than I should have (oh, the Margarita man was a hottie) and the price included all the booze we could have. After the cruise, which I vaguely remember, we were all walking along the shore; the guys went off for some reason that I seem to think was a bathroom break and while they were gone, someone suggested skinny dipping in the ocean. So... we did. As the night wore on, after dinner someplace casual, we were back on the beach and there was a great cover band playing. We danced and partied for hours on the beach, around a fantastic bonfire...

5) Thanksgiving 1987, I was living in Ireland and my flatmates and I had prepared a traditional Thanksgiving feast for our Irish friends. After we finished cleaning up, we had tickets to the National Ballet's Swan Lake. My flatmates had never seen live ballet and one of them wasn't overly appreciative. Our Irish friends were with us and we had fantastic seats at the ballet. When we left there, we went to one of the coolest discos I have ever been to--then we danced for hours and drank for hours. Our walk home was as much fun as the whole night, we danced in the streets and had a generally wonderful night.

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Anonymous said...

I did it!

MommaBoo said...

I'm up and enjoyed. Hope you do too!

Thanks for the tag.

Zoooma said...

Sorry, Allison, I've gotta pass... but in a way I did answer. But please, don't let my passing on this one discourage you from tagging me in the future... not too often but if it's something fun then once in awhile is cool :)

The Gal Herself said...

Surf and turf for Thanksgiving! I love it! Very creative. And it sounds like a great holiday.