which animated show are you?

Kwizgiver, your animated show is
South Park C'mon, was there any doubt your cartoon match would be South Park? If there's a boundary to cross, you're there. And you'll probably cross it twice. And then you'll do something kinda dirty to it. Not only are you usually the first to hear about breaking news, but you're almost always the first to make fun of it. Hot-button topics and cultural references? Nothing's off limits!

From the hottest trends to the latest scandals, you're a regular Jon Stewart — and equally as popular (well, almost). Way to make us respect your authoritay!
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Your animated show is South Park

Which Animated Show Are You?

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MommaBoo said...

I was Family Guy...wooohoooo!

I love Brian, don't you?

Kwizgiver said...

Brian is my favorite!!