this or that

This or That?
Coke or Pepsi?diet coke
Regular pool or heated pool?heated
Hot tea or ice tea?both
Sunflower or daisy?eh
Red rose or pink rose?red
Salt or pepper?pepper
Red or Green Apple?green only
Red or Blue?blue
Christmas or Thanksgiving?Christmas
Pink or Green?green
Hamburger or Hotdogs?hamburger
Music or Movies?movies
Heaven or hell?neither
Comedy or horror?comedy
aol or aim?aol
ipod or mp3?mp3
Purse or backpack?purse
Myspace or bebo?what's bebo?
Parision or Sears?huh?
Paris or France?Paris is in France
Milky Way or Sneakers?Milky Way, unless that's supposed to be Snickers... then, snickers hands down!!
Vanilla or Chocoloate?chocolate
Phone or Internet?internet
Steak or Shrimp?uhmmm... depends
School or Work?well, I work at a school
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Mrs. Chili said...

"Paris or France? Paris is in France"

Not if it's in MAINE!!

Heh, heh. I work at school, too!

MommaBoo said...

I stole this and posted it on "O So Mo Love". FUN!