saturday special

1. Quiet evening at home or Out on the town?:
2. Watch a movie or Reading a good book?:
3. Order a meal or Cooking one yourself?:
4. Going for a walk or Taking a ride in the car?:

1. depends on when it is...after a difficult day, I prefer a quiet evening. But there are times I want to get out there and do something... so, it depends...

2. since we no longer have a movie theater in town, which is tragic, I would rather read a good book. movie rentals aren't the same experience as going to the movies, in my not so humble opinion.

3. taking this a step further... not only would I always choose ordering a meal, but I would rather go out to eat than cook. Hands down. And I know it's part of my ocd-isms, but it takes me w-a-y too long to clean and cook at home--everything needs to be "detail-cleaned" before and immediately after use, every surface, all ingredients, everything has to be precise or it's wrong/bad/inedible. Cooking and baking used to be theraputic but not anymore.

4. sadly, I'll go with ride in the car right now. before my health scare I would have said walk. Perhaps I'll be able to say that again, one day.


LadyT said...

Hi Allison;

I agree with every one of your answers to the Saturday Special. They are a lot like mine. Have a lovely weekend.

1UP RPG said...

No movie theater? That IS tragic?

Happy Saturday!

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