saturday 8

who was the last person you sent a:

1. holiday card (of any type)? I sent a "girlfriend day" card to my besties (8/1)

2. birthday card? My neice turned eleven on July 29

3. sympathy card? one of my teacher-friends at school had a loss in her family

4. email? from home to school email--a document I wanted to save on my school computer

5. snail-mail letter? just mailed a couple post-cards out

6. package in via post? Valentine's season, I sent goodies to Italy

7. thank-you note or email? students gave me little gifts at the end of the school year so I sent thank you notes to them

8. a blistering voicemail? never

1 comment:

MommaBoo said...

I like getting snail mail sometimes. NOT bills, though....