saturday 8

tell us... when was the last time you changed...

1. hairstyle? hmmm... not that long ago I got a beveled bob

2. residence? moved in this wonderful apartment in 1995

3. your job? started my teaching job in 1998

4. your significant other? ha... well, I dated someone last summer, if that counts

5. your circle of friends? there were two new English teachers added to the faculty about three years ago... and they are such a wonderful addition to my circle of school friends. We actually socialize more frequently outside of school since these two joined in our lunch bunch!

6. your favourite food? and what was the new discovery? I can't think of anything particular.

7. your favourite vacation spot? and why should we go? I always used to say my favorite vacation spot would be Ireland... but after visiting France, specifically Paris... well, I can't wait to get back to Paris!!

8. your favourite movie or television show ... from what to what? Oprah is always my favorite chat show... but other than that, my favorite show is The Closer, maybe it's because the season is on now instead of during the winter months when I lovelovelove Boston Legal.


SabineM said...

Oh to give up Ireland!
Love Paris too, but Ireland is full of friendly people! ;-)

Unknown said...

Neat. I'll have to give this one a try.