loaded questions

# 27

Hypotheticals: If you were to name the home you're currently living in, what would you name it?

Anything Goes:
What single group of people do you feel the most compassion for?
the oppressed

What is the most exotic food you have ever eaten?
Shark? Octopus? Alligator? Uh...Swedish caviar? (nothing too weird about that but it came from Sweden) I don't know what else... whenever I travel I really try to taste the local flavors!

Personals: When you go to the bathroom, approximately how many minutes do you spend on the toilet?
I've never timed myself... but I am quick. :-)

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MommaBoo said...

I thought the last question was a little private, but I guess I'm quick, too.

Indian is the most exotic I've ever eaten. Being vegetarian, my choices are sorta limited sometimes.

Enjoyed your first and second answers as well!