java or joe?


First Name Allison
Gender female
Age oh, you know
Birthday October 29... make a note
School Grade 9-12
Cultural/Ethnic Background Irish, french
Languages ubby dubby, pig latin
Birthplace Presque Isle
Current Location home
Describe Your Lifestyle in Less Than Three Words spoil myself
Describe Your Personality in Less Than Three Words good listener
Do you enjoy reading and/or writing poetry? yes
Is music important to you? yes
Are you artistic/creative? yes

Coffee Time

First off, do you even dig coffee? totally dig it
About how many times a week do you drink coffee? daily
What time of day do you usually drink it? morning
About how many times a day do you usually drink it? one or two
How long have you been drinking coffee? since I was a sophomore in high school
Do you ever refer to coffee as java or joe? coffee is coffee
How about mocha, ink, or perk? nope
Have you ever even heard these being used? nope
Do you ever substitute a meal with coffee? oh yeah
Are you easily affected by caffeine? yes
What do you usually drink coffee out of? the cup it comes in
Do you think taste is affected by what you drink it out of? yes
Is coffee one of your favorite beverages? oh yeah
Do you like coffee icecream? sure
Do you enjoy it black? not so much
Do you enjoy it without sweetener, period? not so much
Do you always drink it with milk/cream? usually
Do you like flavored coffee/adding flavor? not so much
Do you think a good coffee should be sweet and dessert-like? no
Do you drink it hot, Cold, iced Or both? bothbothboth
If both, which do you prefer? both
What brand of coffee do you drink? I really enjoy Dunkin' Donuts, but Mickey D's is very good
Do you believe theres any difference between brands? yes
Do you like your coffee weak or strong? medium
Do you drink decaf? after 1 pm
In your opinion, what are the characteristics of an excellent coffee? good aroma, rich flavor
Do you like making your own coffee at home? Or do you prefer it out? prefer it out
Do you drink your coffee in small or large servings? medium


Do you like cappuccino? sure
Do you like espresso? if it's properly made
Do you like macchiato? eh, yah
Do you like mocha? sometimes
Do you like frappuccino? sometimes
Do you like cafe lattes? sometimes
In what way do you drink your coffee most often? through my mouth

Coffee Culture

What does the word coffee make you think of? sophisticated
Do you believe poetry and coffee just go together? not so much
Do you love the whole cafe scene? what whole cafe scene?
What do you think of Starbucks? not much
What is your favorite cafe? Sidewalk Cafe
Do you think coffee deserves to have its own subculture? oh yeah
Would you ever open up your own cafe? it would be very cool


How does coffee make you feel? awake
Why do you drink coffee? it's delish
Who got you to start drinking coffee? while babysitting
How does it affect the way you act? not anymore
Is coffee like a drug? yes
Do you think its bad for you as many claim? all things in moderation
Do you feel as if your growth has been stunted? no... ha ha
Are you addicted? not anymore


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