August 26, 2007
Emotional Priorities
Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Your moods can fluctuate wildly today, leaving you to wonder why your emotional keel is so uneven. You may be able to overcome your temporarily temperamental nature, however, by looking critically at all of the factors influencing your feelings. If you are facing a number of challenges while also attempting to meet personal goals and see to mundane chores, you may simply be feeling overwhelmed by all the obligations currently on your plate. To ease your distress and regain control over your emotions today, try to fix your attention in the moment by focusing only on those elements of you day that are most vital to your wellbeing or health.

Rapidly changing moods are frequently a sign of over-stimulation, as there is so much going on around us that we are unsure as to what the best overall response might be. During these periods, we likely have a great deal to do, yet we may find ourselves unable to focus on any one task or problem. One easy way to cope with a temperamental mood is to prioritize our feelings just as we prioritize the items on our daily agendas. We may feel quite a few conflicting emotions, but we should concentrate on those that are related in some way to the challenges we must address quickly and decisively. When we have dealt with that which we consider most important, we can begin to think about the other issues weighing on our minds. Because you do not let your emotions overwhelm you today, you will be less apt to be moody.

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meowminx said...

OMG! When I read this, I was like, ok, how did it know I was feeling this way today?!

(Btw, I'm a Scorpio too) :)