August 21, 2007
A Larger Purpose
Scorpio Daily Horoscope
You may be surprised to find yourself addressing your everyday objectives with a renewed level of enthusiasm today. Those duties you have not taken seriously in the past can reveal themselves as being vital to your wellbeing, and this can inspire you to adopt a more responsible attitude where work and chores are concerned. Your growing dedication can help you meet your chosen goals competently and authoritatively, even if you continue to devote a large portion of your time to more leisurely pursuits. If you find you attend to your duties more quickly than usual today, consider asking your boss or a loved one how else you can be of help.

We tend to derive far more satisfaction from the pursuits we engage in when we dedicate our minds and our souls to the task at hand. However inconsequential these duties may seem, they are likely in some way related to our larger purpose in life. When we recognize and acknowledge this, we begin to see that a lack of commitment in just one area of our existence can interfere with our ability to make the most of our aptitudes on multiple levels. We need only regard each and every one of our objectives as being worthy of our attention to ensure that we never overlook the importance of any one of them. The more dedicated we are to our purpose, the smoother our larger life paths will be. You will feel competent and purposeful today when you honor your goals by embodying your devotion to them in your choices.

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Cat. said...

Hmmm. I'm a Scorp also, and I'm a little concerned: I came home early from work today (sick) and then had a gigantic argument with my son.

So much for responsibility and dedication. feh. :-(