friday five

1. Who’s your favorite of Looney Tunes characters? I loved Egghead Jr.

2. What have you done too much of lately? oooh, I have been staying up all hours of the night--it's going to be hard to face the reality of school again in just a few days

3. When did you last play cards? with my nieces in early July

4. Where were your keys the last time you couldn’t find them? I don't lose my keys

5. Why didn’t you do today everything you were supposed to? I'm still in my pajamas... I'm on VACATION!!!!!


1UP RPG said...

It's going to be hard getting back to the regular bedtime routine. Why can't summer last forever?

Zoooma said...

He might be the most well known but Bugs Bunny's my fave, definitely Bugs! Theoretically I could watch Looney Tunes all day long! a 15 hour marathon? Piece of cake and I'll laugh more than anyone should be allowed to!!!

MommaBoo said...

Here, here! She's a teacher! She deserves to be a slacker during the summer.