finish it meme

My ex is still: wrong
Im listening to: Damages
Maybe i should: have supper
I love: laughing
My bestfriends: are the best
I dont understand: intolerance
I lost respect for: him
The meaning of my screename is: I give quizzes
Love is: amazing
Somewhere someone is: looking at the sky
I will always: love you
Forever seems like: it's near
I never ever want to lose: my marbles
Your mobile phone is: non-existant
When i wake up im the morning: I organize the day
I get annoyed at: stupid questions
Parties are: fun
My pet: passed away
Kisses are: sweet
Today I: was freakin busy...
I really want: chocolate or a massage
I live: by myself
I work: with great people
I think: I'll never have extra money
I smell: roasting chicken
I listen: very well
I see: the TV
I sing: when I am driving
I can: type fast
I daydream: all the time
I fall: hard
I want: happiness
I cry: almost daily
I love: hugs and puppies
I sometimes: wish
I fear: painful death
I hope: school stays like this
I eat: fruit
I drink: water
I miss: vacation
I forgive: everyone
I drive: a ten-year-old car
I dream: but I don't remember them
I kiss: dogs on the nose
I hug: anyone and everyone
I have: lots of friends
I remember: more than I wish I did
I don't: know
I believe: in you
I know: my limits
I hate: intolerance


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MommaBoo said...


Believe I'll steal it...like always!

Unknown said...

Yes, I shall take it too. Coolness!