everybody's workin' for the weekend...

The first week of school with three student days seems to have made a difference for all of us--students, faculty, administration and staff. A couple teachers were talking in the hallway after school and noting that we're not quite as dragged out and exhausted today as we would normally have been after the first full week back in action.

I have to say it was a great first week back. Keeping my mouth shut, my head down and doing what I can do is the best approach. The small stuff truly is the small stuff. And a year ago I was barely functioning. To compare this year to last is remarkable. In a good way. Of course, all the students are on their best behavior, but... maybe I can train them to stay this way.

The ESL teacher was in to observe her students and raved about my teaching style and presentation... that made me feel so good. I avoided all the complainers!! I didn't bail people out of computer issues. Ahhhh... off to a great start.

It is a great feeling to know I got everything done that I needed to have done--all the paperwork details, getting someone to swap morning-duty weeks, getting the electronic equipment ready for the substitute, workshop sign up, job target... all of it was done and handed in on time. Now I wish I had stayed after book group (after school) to finish getting ready for the substitute... but going in will force me to finish correcting papers and entering grades in the computer.

And maybe I'll get a jump on a bulletin board or two. Think of something snazzy to show the alliances and blood relations in the Kings/Queens in Europe leading to WWI. I could copy photos and use string (red, to show blood ties) through that royal family.... hmmmm... I might be on to something.

So now I'm dog-sitting for the weekend. I got laundry done this evening and will suffer through the pampered one until Sunday. And at some point in time I would like to go to school to finish lesson plans for the sub on Monday. But, now it's time for sleep. Except the Queen of all things has cut a mighty fart... holy moly. Old dog farts are way gross.

What if this is as good as it gets?

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The Gal Herself said...

Welcome back, Teach! Sounds like your schoolyear is off to a fresh, positive start. And I love the idea of "keeping my mouth shut, my head down and doing what I can do." Very wise words.