buncha questions

1. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
not enough.

2. Are you content with your life?

3. Who do you trust the most?
my therapist.

4. Would you change anything about your life right now?
my physical conditions.

5. Are you in a relationship, with who?
I love myself.

6. Who was your last relationship with?
uh... define relationship... ;-)

7. Are you a virgin?
a what? After all this time, I think I am again...

8. How many times have you done illegal drugs?

9. What are/were your grades like in school?
mostly As, a few Bs

10. Next time you're going to get drunk?
probably never, actually, probably the next time I have a drink. I'm such a lightweight about booze now, especially with the meds I take.

11. Would you hook up with any of your ex's again?
uh... mebbe

12. Do you think you are intelligent?
highly... Although, I do not like telling people about my IQ stories from childhood

14. Time you woke up today?
I slept through my alarm... I woke up at 6.

15. Is your hair dyed? Do you want to dye it?
yes. And I'm getting it re-colored Friday. :-)

16. Are/were any of your friends pregnant?
two are new moms and one is pregnant.

17. Worst habit?
I don't balance my checkbook. ever.

18. Current annoyance?
indigestion... just kiddin'

19. What are you most procrastinating?
mmmm... can't think of anything... oh, wait, an oil change

20. Are you easily irritated?

21. Has anyone ever wanted to fight you?
I'ma lover, not a fighter.

22. How many people have you kissed this summer?
just my nieces & nephews.

23.Current job?
frustrated educator

24. Do you have any bugbites?

25. Do you tell your parents everything?
I sure do!


Cat. said...

I've not only stolen the questions, but one of your answers as well. ;-)

MommaBoo said...

I enjoy your memes! It's fun reading your witty answers!