what's your sense of humor?

Kwizgiver, your sense of humor is Goofy Humor

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Your sense of humor is Goofy Humor

What's Your Sense of Humor?

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You have your standards: They may be low, but at least you have them. Sure, subtle wit makes some people grin and say, "Now that's funny." But you know the Three Stooges makes people howl with laughter. It's the physical stuff, the poop jokes and funny voices, that get you going because you have a goofy sense of humor. You have no problem making a fool of yourself as long as your moves to "fake" a fall break the ice and make people feel comfortable.

Wit, sarcasm, and satire can get lost in the translation, but a whoopee cushion is universal. Yes, it may be lowbrow — heck, it may even be nobrow, but getting laughs is what matters to you. From ye old court jesters to the kids of South Park, you and your goofy sense of humor are in good company.


MommaBoo said...

Nah....not YOU!

Kwizgiver said...

I didn't think so, either.