sometimes i wish...

Wouldn't it be fun to have a magic lamp for a day? Could it be used for global issues or for personal issues? Is there a limit on how many wishes will be granted?

Dream, dream, dream...

Sooooo... what would I do? What would I do...
Let's say there are three wishes:

Globally, I would wish for: 1) peace in our hearts--an end to conflict internally and externally; 2) safety for everyone--meaning safe water, shelter... that happy stuff; and 3) dignity for all.

Locally, I would wish for: 1) appropriate educational reform; 2) equity; and 3) a *real* change in government in the US--not just different suits blathering about the same five non-issues (I mean, we're at war and people are arguing about who gets married to whom????).

Closer to home, I would wish for: 1) the perfect seasonal year for Maine--not too much snow/ice, not too much rain, not too cold, not too hot, not too many blackflies; 2) an end to the ridiculous educational reforms that are being made by business people with NO input from educators; and 3) more opportunities for the arts, shopping and conveniences that are usually inhibited by living at the edge of the earth.

Personally, I would wish for: 1) substantially improved health and well-being, I'd like to have my weight back under control; 2) financial freedom; 3)... geeze, this is harder than I thought... It would be the ultimate, though, to be able to have regularly scheduled huge family gatherings someplace where all our needs are catered to, all expenses paid so everyone can take part.

What about you?


Mrs. Chili said...

Globally: pretty much what you said.

Locally: pretty much what you said.

Closer to home: less snow and stupid cold in the winter, i.e. longer growing seasons; better, more responsible government and all the things (education, health care, roads, trash collection) that come with it; less development (our town is making some seriously bad development decisions and we're growing far faster than our infrastructure can accommodate).

Personally: I would first wish to always have just a bit more money than I need; I would wish for health and safety for those I love, and easy, pleasant deaths at the end of long lives; and I would wish for enough time - to get things done, to not feel rushed, to enjoy each other.

MommaBoo said...

#3 on personally is a worthy "almost" attainable goal.