saturday special

1. Traveling by Air, Sea or Land?:
2. Hotel, Camp Grounds or Summer Cottage?:
3. Sightseeing, Weather Related Sports or Relaxing?:
4. Favorite vacation season?:

1. I love to fly. And I love trains. I would prefer to travel by air or land. Road trips are ok if I have a voice in how often we get to stop. I haven't really been on overnight road trips, mostly the destination has been 8 or 10 hours away. I think I would enjoy a big road trip, though. I'm an easy-going traveler.

2. Either hotel or summer cottage. My camp ground days are far behind me. And I've camped enough for one lifetime.

3. Sightseeing and relaxing are the best vacations!

4. One unusual thing about where I live is that schools begin in August for five weeks and then are released for Potato Harvest Break--which is a three-week break from school. Back in the day there were so many family farms that relied on manual labor (their own children and other kids) that the family would pull the kids from school to help with the harvest. I am not so sure why we continue having Harvest Break as most kids do not do the manual harvest jobs. It was a rite of passage when I was a kid. Now, not so much. But it's tradition. So, in all of that, as an adult who teaches at a school with the three-week break starting mid-September until early-October, that seems to be the best time to travel. I've been to Europe twice during that break and have done a lot of Stateside travel then, too. What's nice is that touristy places aren't mobbed, hotels are cheaper, weather is more agreeable and ... well, it's just a great time of year. Did I answer the question? My favorite time of year to travel is autumn.


MommaBoo said...

I love the beach, at night, walking in the surf.

hopefully, we can go in September after it's cooled down a bit!

Viva the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LadyT said...

Hi Allison;

Loved your answers to the SS especially #4. I too love vacationing in the Fall. Here in upstate NY and New England it's just beautiful and no crowds. LOL! Have a great weekend.