the saturday special

~Creative Adventure II~
Time again to use your imagination ;-} Fill in the blanks.
1. You are walking along the surf of a lonely seaside and __________?:
2. As you walk further along you notice __________?:
3. Your curiousity gets the best of you and you __________?:
4. From the distance you can see __________?:
1. looking for "sea glass" in unusual colors, enjoying the feel of sand in your toes.
2. bottle in the foamy surf, the waves trying to coax it out of nestling in the sand. There seems to be a message!
3. carry the bottle to a drier spot and tease the message from the bottle.
4. beachcombers... and realize they wouldn't have apprecaited the message as much as you do.


The Gal Herself said...

Oh don't leave us hanging! What was the message? A love letter from a sailor to the girl he left at port? A suicide note from a woman who finally realizes that her lover will never leave his wife? Treasure map? Original Coca-cola formula? C'mon! I won't tell the beachcombers.

MommaBoo said...

What's the message say?!?!??!!