the saturday special

~Try Using Photos~

1. My dream house is?:
2. My dream car is?:
3. My dream vacation is?:
4. My dream life is?:

1. Actually, I don't want to own a house by myself. I know it would cost too much to have routine maintenance done... I mean, I am not climbing a ladder to clean the gutters, nor will I shovel snow from the roof in mid-winter. I love my apartment.

2. My dream car is a jaguar. Preferably a sleek dark green, although I recently saw a black one that was fabulous!

3. Uhmmm... Gee, I don't really know. I would like it to be something fun with my family--all the nieces & nephews--someplace that will cater to us, so we don't have to lift a finger. Not too hot, so the kids can play outside.

4. Mine! I am lucky to be alive, to have a profession that gives me satisfaction, to have family and friends who genuinely love and care for me, to have people to love back, a safe community, a very nice apartment... and I'm working on my health. It's great to be alive.


LadyT said...

Hi Allison;

It's so nice to read that many of you are living your own dream life. My dream car is also a jaquar. :) Have a lovely weekend.

The Gal Herself said...

I really had fun doing this meme myself, and enjoyed seeing your answers, too. It's nice to stop, take a moment, and say, "I like my life."

Kathleen said...

That's great that your dream life is the one you have. Come see my sat special.