saturday 8

1. who was your first crush? Michael, my next door neighbor. They moved in when we were three years old and we always pretended we were married.

2. do you currently have a crush on someone? no

3. what makes a crush a CRUSH to you? the fact that it's possibly unrequited? or that you can actually get the person at a later date? Oh a crush is definitely unrequited. That's what makes it a crush. It's sweet thoughts about someone--not rip their clothes off, but smoochy snuggle stuff.

4. who are your celebrity crushes? George Clooney hands down. But I have a soft spot for Dermot Mulroney and Jesse L. Martin.

5. have you ever crushed on a boss? did anything come of it? nope (as in: ewwww)

6. have you ever crushed on a teacher? describe what made you fawn over them. At UCC I had a professor who was a hottie. Neil something or other. Cutest butt in the world. The other women in class and I would make him write stuff on the board just to peek. He had good hair and nice hands, too.

7. many people have met a spouse/fiance(e) at work. have you ever crushed on a co-worker, and how did that turn out? no, I haven't.

8. have you ever crushed on a personal trainer, a work-out buddy, or a member of your sports team? what happened? Uh, I went to an all-women gym, so no, I didn't crush on a personal trainer nor a work out buddy.

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