friday fill-in

# 29

1. The Sound of Music (either the movie or the play) makes me remember my childhood. (I was Gretel when I was five and my mum was a nun, dad was the music director)

2. I like to use music when I cook.

3. Humidity really pisses me off.

4. I've been thinking about my sisters lately.

5. The last song I heard that I liked was When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban (on a student's MySpace page).

6. Cuddling by starlight. (it's the best... babies, puppies, hottie, doesn't matter)

7. And as for the weeked, tonight I'm looking forward to doing nothing, tomorrow my plans include nothing and Sunday, I want to head down to Al's.


MommaBoo said...

I like to "cuddle", "The Hubby" that is, by starlight.

I like to listen to music when I cook, too!

And doing NOTHING sounds GREAT! :D

Kwizgiver said...

I'm so enjoying my vaca! :-)