career meme--tagged again!

JennieBoo from"O So Mo Love " tagged me this morning to do this career meme.

Here is how to play:
If you had the opportunity to do a 1-year internship in a company or field completely unrelated to your current career or specialty, what would be your top 5 choices?

1. massage therapist
2. Oprah
3. it would be really fun to be a personal assistant to a celebrity
4. Teaching Tolerance (editor)
5. Google

And now I have to tag five people to do this meme. So, I'm tagging , Cat, One Gal, Wendy, Princess LadyBug, and Bob


MommaBoo said...

I know we just met, but you can practice that massaging on me!!!


Kwizgiver said...

That would be fun. :-)

The Gal Herself said...

I love memes. Thanks for the tag. I'm up!

Princess LadyBug said...

Hey were does the line start for that massage thing?! :P

I'll work on getting mine up tonight.

1UP RPG said...

OK! I played. Thanks for the tag.
Click here for my post

Cat. said...

My answers are (FINALLY!) up. Thanks for your patience.