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~Dog Days of Summer~
Just how hot has it got at your house this summer?
It feels like we're still waiting for summer--every five or so days we'll have a gloriously sunny, warm day but otherwise it's rather dreary and cloudy. I hate to complain, though, because it hasn't been miserably hot.
What keeps you cool in the summer...air conditioning, fans, a cool breeze?
I use intake/exhaust fans and they usually do the trick. I almost got a small air conditioner for my bedroom this year but... well, now I'm glad I didn't. I doubt I would have used it. Not that I'm complaining, because I don't tolerate heat and humidity very well.
Are you yearning for the fall yet or can you handle some more summer?
I can definitely handle more summer!!

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MommaBoo said...

WE live in South Alabama and it's 98 degrees with 65% humidity.

I couldn't live without our a/c.

Bring on the Autumn!