tuesday twosome

1. When was the last time you went on vacation and where did you go? this is going to sound pathetic but I can't remember the last time I took a vacation trip. Usually, after school is done I just want to veg out at home. I guess the last time I stayed overnight somewhere not home was my week-long hospital stay a year ago. Wow, has it been a year already? Has it only been a year?

2. Do you prefer vacations with family or friends? having traveled with both family and friends, I don't have a preference. I enjoy traveling with people who don't get wound up about having agendas or needing to fill every second with something. Vacations are for hanging out, people watching and vacating.

3. What are your two ideal vacation spots? Paris (or anywhere in Europe) and Aruba

4. When is your next vacation and who are you going with? I am realizing I need to get out of here because of this meme. I don't go anywhere anymore. I got nothin'.

5. Do you think vacations are necessary? Explain. I think time off from work is necessary. Everyone needs a break. I think the American concept of vacationing is wrong, though, one week (at a time) isn't enough time to relax the body and mind. People like me who don't travel for vacation just fill the days with puttering or chores. What kind of vacation is it to paint the house? Now, to hire cabana boys to paint the house... that might be more like a vacation. But then they wouldn't be cabana boys, would they? Ah well... a gal can dream. Oh, yeah, to explain: vacations are vital to recharge and regroup. Especially if you are surrounded by hormonal teenagers all day every day.

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