situation sunday

# 9

1} You are on a hike with 5 other friends. You come to a bridge over a ravine, The bridge is made up of 2 ropes and wood planks. Two of your friends have already crossed and are on the opposite side, you go to cross and the rope on the left breaks away from one side, and then breaks away from the right side on the opposite end, what do you do? I would freeze... hold absolutely still. Try to keep breathing, holding my breath will just add to the tension in my body. As things stabilize (which, since its not given in the scenario so I can take creative license) I would carefully balance myself and gently continue across. I would coach the remaining friends to carefully cross, also. Or, I would slip and fall off to my death in the ravine below. I'd perfer the first option.

2} A person you have been dating along time, or your spouse decides that they need more creativity in the bedroom. Where do you draw the line from kinky to totally far-fetched? I don't know. Generally speaking (and not necessarily in bedroom terms) I'm fairly open-minded so... I donno; I am pretty willing to try most things at least once.

3}You and your spouse have separated after a rather lengthy marriage/relationship of 20 years. The other party was at fault. You have always gotten along with the "in laws", to the point that they have made you a Godparent. Now after the split, you become the bad one to most of them. If there was a significant death of a close in law, Do you attend the funeral? I don't go to many funerals. They creep me out. I would do something to pay my respects to the family. And after being a part of the family for so long, I would tell them that my relationship with them is going to change but I would want it to continue. This is hard for me because I'm not much of a blamer. I can't imagine a relationship not working because the other party was at fault, I mean, relationships are so complicated. So... hmmm... I would let them know that their relationships with me are separate from their relationship with me as part of the couple, part of the family. It's hard to articulate in writing. In my head I've got it sorted so it would make sense.


Helena said...

You had some great answers! I am totally afraid of bridges,I would never even attempt a foot bridge, I would wait patiently for the return of the friends, if some of the bridge broke on them, I would try to help the best I could! Thanks for playing,All your answers made great sence.

meowminx said...

I liked your Situation Sunday answers :) esp. #3