the saturday special

Thought I'd try something new using a very old formula from the 1980's PC adventure text games. Come on, let's see how creative you are....Fill in the blanks ;-}

1. While in a forest, you see a cabin ahead, you_______?:
2. In the cabin you find a large chest, you________?:
3. Suddenly you hear a noise coming from the outside, you________?:
4. The adventure over, you leave the cabin and________?:

1. listen for noises and signs of life--gently lift the door latch.

2. shake it slightly to see how heavy and if it makes noise; if the lid is loose

3. laugh at yourself for being a nervous twit; open the chest--taking the journals and papers out

4. sit on the stoop, opening the journals and skimming for dates and names. You get engrossed in reading and while away the afternoon.


LadyT said...

Great work on your SS answers KG. Thanks for playing. Have a great week ahead and holiday.

The Gal Herself said...

Yours was more exciting, & more fun, than mine. I wish I could have a "do over." My response is so realistic!