the saturday special

1. Two words that describes you best?:
2. Two words that describes your personality?:
3. Two words that describes your taste in clothes?:
4. Two words that describes your home?:

1. red-haired, chubby
2. thoughtful, funny
3. stylish, flattering
4. hoarding, embarrassing (gah! I'm in therapy and it's helping)


Clockworkchris said...

Very cute. I have red hair, consider myself funny, but I am the opposite of stylish. Thanks for your visit. I may have to take the quiz above this.

unedited-life said...

Ok you gave me a laugh on #4 come onnnnn it can't be that bad??? LOL wow no shame huh. But one day when I become rich beyond words I'll send you a maid service to give you something to brag about. Gotta luv your honesty!

It's all good... have a wonderful weekend!