the saturday special

~Picture Perfect~Fill In The Blanks, Try Using Photos~

1. A picture perfect day is ______?:
2. A picture perfect dinner is ______?:
3. A picture perfect evening is ______?:
4. A picture perfect vacation is _____?:


This is the perfect day. Can't you tell?

2. Yummmmm! Strawberry-spinach salad with sliced almonds, a touch of feta cheese and some Ken's Lite Raspberry-Pecan Vinaigrette is a meal unto itself.

3. This photo would not be unusual for a Maine evening. What I appreciate about living here, in the Great White North, aka The End Of The World (and if not you can see it from here), is that the sky is open wide, day and night. The stars aren't dimmed by city lights or industrial pollution. You can easily see the sunsets, the moonrise, the northern lights. It's all above. During the day, it's a vast expanse of ... whatever the weather happens to be.

4. I gotta say, Paris was one of the BEST vacations I've ever had. Fast paced, leisurely, romantic... gorgeous. I wish I had a LOT more time to spend there. A highlight of my life was being at the top of the Eiffel Tower when the city lit up below us. Very romantic. Dad and I both wished we were with someone more romantic.


Anonymous said...

Loved your SS photos and answers. Living in upstate New York, I have a photo I took awhile back just like your Maine evening. I think the northeast has the most beautiful starry and clear nights. Thanks for playing. Have a great weekend.

angeleque said...

# 1 - so cute. That's a great picture.

# 2 - the salad looks good enough to eat. LOL.

# 4 - Paris is so fun and exicitng. I loved it there.

Clockworkchris said...

#1-loved it
#2-I am mostly a carnivore I supose-but really just picky, I don't eat veggies except corn and beans.
#3-looks awesome-I have not traveled much before and I am no envious of Canadians and most northerners who have such gorgeous lakes and skies to look at, unfortunatly I hate snow and ice.
#4-Also haven't ever left the country-all in good time I suppose.
Great Sat Special!

Neither here nor there... said...

your doggie is too cute. Luv your pics...

FalnAngel7 said...

I love your first pic! Adorable.