said by men...

Sweet jeebus... the Pickupedia...The Pickup Line Encyclopedia

"Are you a pokemon, cuz i wanna peek-a-chu"

"Wanna go in halves on a bastard? "

"Hey baby, lemme clear you off a place to sit." (wipe mouth)

"I'm fighting the urge to make you the happiest woman on earth tonight."

"So...you're a girl, huh?"

"Q = have you heard about the birds an the bees? A = you must have came straight from the hive because, girl your 100% honey"

"Whats a preety girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?"


Helena said...

That was too funny,,here is 3 more I have heard..// Someone call the fire department,,cause you are just too hot./ And you know what would look good on you...me. / And I saw your name in the dictonary..it was gorgeous. I am sure I heard more but can't think of them right now,,lol

meowminx said...

OMG! How cheesy can a person get? LMAO!

ryc on Sunday Memes: I know what you mean - I was almost dead to the world when I thought of those answers. I only had a hour sleep the night before (due to worrying). I managed to get a full 8 hour sleep last night ^_^

Have a great week!