just another manic monday

Do you listen to music regularly? What's your favorite way to listen-- radio, CD, iPod...? I listen to music often and have most of my favorite CDs on my computer, so I play music from there. I enjoy my MP3 player when I'm outside reading. I don't listen to the radio often, they play the same songs over and over...
When listening to music do you tend to focus more on the lyrics or the melody? depends on what I'm doing when I'm listening: if I'm on the computer or driving I'm listening to lyrics (because I'm usually singing along); if I'm walking then I am listening to the beat; if I am reading then it's the melody.
If you had to pick a theme song to sum up your life right now, what would it be? today my theme song would be Alice Cooper's School's Out For Summer!! Today was the last day of school.


Unknown said...

Wow! You certainly get out of school late. My son has been out for weeks now. What a relief that must be!

I agree with you about the radio. Hearing the same song over and over again makes me crazy. ;-)

Thanks for playing along and enjoy your first week off of school.

Cat. said...

YAY!! School's out, school's out, teacher let the fools out!! :-)

Congrats for surviving.