just another manic monday

1. How do you learn best? Watch and learn? Participation? Reading directions or technical manuals? Depending on the type of things I'm learning, my style fluctuates. If it's academic, I an audio/visual--I like handouts, reading, overhead notes and things of that nature. If it's handy stuff--like knitting, cooking, putting together shelving--I like to read and do. When I got my first home computer it came with the "For Dummies" books and I taught myself how to use it to its maximum benefits.

2. Is one of your senses more highly developed than another? If so, which one? Actually, my doctors and I were just talking about this--I am a highly sensitive person. I am easily overwhelmed by noise, too much visual stimulation and I have acute sense of smell. I rely on my intuition a lot, which is a combination of my senses.

3. Summer is almost upon us here in the northern hemisphere. What says summer to you? Summer... ahhhhh... when the lilacs bloom. The days are longer. Nose hairs don't freeze when you walk outside. (trust me, if you've never had that happen... you can't imagine how awful it is)

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Karen said...

I don't even want to know how it feels to have frozen nose hairs... made me want to rub my nose. LOL