it's true...

...we are meant for each other!!!!

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That's right, a charming and gorgeous dreamboat like George Clooney is just what the doctor ordered.

Smart and sophisticated, you need a soulmate with a brain to match. Only someone with intelligence and beauty will create your perfect storm. Lucky for you, your celeb match has plenty of both to spare...and a villa in Italy to boot. From dinner dates in LA to chilling on Lake Como, you'll be sure to have a heavenly time. Good night and good luck!
Your celeb match is George Clooney

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Mrs. Chili said...

My celebrity was George Clooney, too. Honestly? He does nothing for me, so you don't have to fight me for him - he's all yours.

I'm more of a Sting kinda gal....

Cat. said...

I just did this, and I ended up with Ryan Gosling. 'K. No clue--definitely not interested. Oh, well: congrats on matching up with George! ;-)