how will you change the world?

You'll Change The World As An Optimist!


Your motto: Keep it positive. While others think about the magnitude of the world’s problems only to find themselves overwhelmed, you have the ability to hone in on the achievements. So it’s no surprise others are thrilled to have you on their team: With a natural ability to keep your cool, your attitude helps keep others motivated and focused. And just because you’re an optimist doesn’t mean you don’t understand the truth of world problems such as hunger and poverty; You just have a knack for helping others spot progress.

Inspiring and positive, you know we can’t solve every problem today, but someone like you is able to take a look at what can be accomplished. Luckily for us, that motivates not only you, but also those around you to keep going. Yet another reason to smile!

Find out how you will change the world.

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