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Monday Meme 4 : 2005-06-13 : Feeling Hot Hot Hot

1. Do you like hot weather? Does it get hot where you live? What is the best way to spend a hot, summer day?

I hate hot weather. It does get humid and hot during the summer, and I am just miserable. The best way to spend a hot summer day is someplace air conditioned!

2. Do you like spicy food? If so, what is your favorite dish? What is the spiciest food you've ever eaten?

I used to love spicy food, the hotter the better. Some spicy chinese foods were my favorites. I can't think of the spiciest food--probably somebody's eyeball popping chili!

3. What do you find "hot" in a man/woman? What is the first thing you notice about someone who is hot? Do you ever think of yourself as hot?

Presence is hot--how people take up space in the world--it's beyond confidence, it's... it's who they are. That's the first thing I notice. I haven't ever thought of myself as hot.

4. List 3 hot trends that you secretly (or not so secretly) enjoy:



driving around

5. Are you hot-headed or quick to anger? How do you react when you are angry or frustrated? What do you do to cool down?

I can be quick to anger but it blows over fast. Usually I burst into tears when I 'm angry or frustrated. To cool down... uhmmm... I don't know if there's anything particular. Take deep breaths.

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