friday's feast

feast one hundred & forty-six

Appetizer Name something you think is “the best.” John Legend's Once Again album is the best cruising music

Soup On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 highest), how stressed are you today? 8.5

Salad What kind of cleanser do you use to wash your face? Dove

Main Course Tonight is a blue moon! What is something that you believe only happens “once in a blue moon.” my whole family being together--all the nieces & nephews and my sisters.

Dessert When was the last time it rained where you live? a couple days ago, but not significantly


Joseph C. Harris said...

Great Feast. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It really means a lot to me. Have a good one.

angeleque said...

Sorry you had such a stressful day.

I haven't had the chance to check out John Legend's album yet but I've heard it's very good and easy listening.

It's hard for my whole family to get together too lately.