friday five

1. What’s your favorite goody at your favorite bakery? Definitely a whoopie pie!

2. Someone’s visiting from out of town and craves something sweet: Where do you take him or her for an experience he or she can’t get at home? Probably to Governor's just because it has the largest fresh pie selection around. Sunday night is Pie night and all slices are $1.99. At least they used to be when I worked there.

3. What’s your favorite order at your favorite ice creamery? Peanut butter crazy--a thick chocolate peanutbutter milk shake with whipped cream and a cherry (it also comes with chopped nuts and multi-colored jimmies, but I don't like either on my shake) from Houlton Farms Dairy Bar

4. Oh no! You forgot to save room for dessert! What dessert item on the menu will you order anyway, because you can’t resist? I can't think of anything I would have to have...I might get something chocolatey to take home.

5. You’ve got a craving for sweets, but it’s so late at night that only the corner convenience store is open. What do you get?
either Reese's Peanut Butter cups or a Snickers!

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