friday fill-in

# 25

This week, I have a theme...bloggers! These fill-ins are all about bloggers I read, so I'll include links in the extended entry. In the meantime, feel free to fill in the blanks with whatever comes to mind, about whoever comes to mind! *** I linked to blogs I enjoy. xoxo

1. She loves _____, the darker the better! song lyrics as blot titles
2. He loves all types of _____. TV shows
3. This blogger misses _____. a job she feels appreciated at
4. Unfortunately, she's _____ lately! MIA
5. _____ is not her strong suit; in fact I do believe _______, ho hum. Updating her blog; it's been way too long
6. Her _____ fascinates me; I love that _____ smells (and tastes) of _____! musings; her blog; margaritas
7. What are you doing this weekend? Tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want to _____! just relaxing; sorting some clothing; celebrate Father's Day with my amazingly wonderful dad

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