for the graduates...

I saw this at no moron left behind and HAD to post it.

Random thoughts. The future is yours. Here's how to live happily. (David Lauderdale)

Random thoughts for tonight's graduates at Hilton Head Island High School as they start a new life:

• Don't use credit cards.

• Your parents didn't start out with what they have today.

• Give back to your high school. Our community needs stronger roots. That's you.

• Have a bit of your paycheck sent directly into a rainy-day savings account. That's in addition to the 401(k). As they say, "Pay yourself first."

• Do what Dave Ramsey (www.daveramsey.com) says: "Act your wage."

• There is much greater peace and satisfaction in saying, "I'm sorry, I can't afford that right now" than there is in juggling debt.

• Read "The Millionaire Next Door."

• Don't be anonymous. Don't say things without attaching your name and reputation to it.

• Think about your reputation.

• Act like you've got a mother.

• The biggest threat in the world is not nuclear bombs. It's selfishness. And that's something you can actually fix if you try hard enough.

• Being cool isn't really cool. A cool guy I ran with in high school was killed recently in a shoot-out with cops in a suburban discount store. Way cool, huh?

• Every professor and every boss is weird. Get over it.

• Don't gossip at work.

• Take solutions to your boss, not problems.

• Find your own ways to buck it up when you're down. Maybe it's wearing a nice shirt or dress.

• Baring all on a MySpace page is a bad idea.

• Old sayings are old sayings for a good reason. You do only get one chance to make a first impression. It is better to give than receive. And honesty is the best policy.

• If somebody cares enough about you to live with you, they should care enough about you to marry you.

• Why waste money on a wedding? Invest it in your first home.

• Use the high-tech device everyone overlooks: The "off" button.

• Don't whine. No matter what your race, creed, gender or ethnicity, you've been given a chance to hit the ball slap out of the park.

• A good motto: "It's up to me."

• Not many people are going to appreciate your brilliance. Don't let it get you down.

• You're going to need a close relationship with a Higher Power.

• Possessions, fame and wealth are a piece of cake compared to what will really bring you happiness: Forgiveness.

• Leave it better than you found it.

• Mind your own business.

• Be a contributor.

• Don't wish your life away.

• Don't borrow things.

• When lost, enjoy the scenery.

• Always tell the truth.

• Don't be common.

• Say "please," "thank you," "ma'am," and "sir."

• And remember that a lot of people helped you get this far. Pay them back with good choices.

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Anonymous said...

I like it. So much common sense that precious few ever actually come to understand....