five on friday

1. What situations make you the most bored? anything that isn't dynamic--a movie, a speaker, wherever I happen to be. The worst workshop with the best speaker isn't boring.

2. What do you do to alleviate boredom? doodle, write the lyrics to my favorite songs, reverse alphabet order of the states/capitals... rummage through my bag, people watch, fidget

3. On long car trips, what do you to to keep things fun? I'm a chatterer in the car. Because I can't sleep in moving vehicles I'm either driving, chattering away, or singing

4. On airplanes, what do you bring in your carryon to entertain yourself? I will always have a book, a magazine, a deck of cards and a notebook or journal. And snacks.

5. Are you the sort of person who complains when feeling bored? I can't remember the last time I was bored. Sometimes I am bored of being by myself but I get in the car and drive around or sit on the porch or visit with my neighbors. My dad always said, "If you're bored, you're boring."

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