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Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Student, 13

(WCCO) A middle school teacher in Prescott, Wis. has been fired and the Pierce County Sheriff is investigating claims she had sex with a 13-year-old student.

"It's just shocking to hit Prescott like this," said Tom Riley a Prescott resident.

The 38-year-old woman was a substitute at Prescott Middle School.

The student's father said he found the two having a middle of the night rendezvous together at the teacher's home after the boy stole his mother's car.

Sources said the woman's husband and 13-year-old daughter were home at the time.

The father filed a restraining order which claims the two had sexual intercourse. He said he has copies of e-mails between the two.

Zach Simones, who coached the 13-year-old boy on the seventh grade football team, said he is sickened by the incident.

"He was dating the lady's 13-year-old daughter before this happened," said Simones.

The woman taught at both the middle and high schools, but the superintendent said his investigation has turned up no other students who were involved with this woman.

The school superintendent also said the teacher and student did not meet in the classroom.

The Pierce County Sheriff confirms that they are investigating.

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